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nano_icons's Journal

NaNoWriMo Icons
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Welcome to the NaNoWriMo Icons community!

Hopefully, the community is pretty self-explanitory. Feel free to post icons or requests for icons here.

Essentially, the only rule is going to be... Use the lj-cut! I know this is pretty basic folks, but bear with me. If you're only posting a couple of icons, you don't need the cut, but for more than three, I'd suggest it. Go ahead and leave a couple of icons out as a teaser, but cut the rest, please. If you're posting icons that contain any nudity you need to put them behind a cut and warn for the content. If you fail to do either of those things, your post will be deleted. Do it more than once, and you'll be banned from the community. Sorry to sound harsh, but I'm hoping to avoid problems by putting this right out there at the start.

So, post away and have fun! Just think, making icons is a great way to procrastinate...

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